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At G&G Eye Doctors, we recognize the invaluable gift of sight. To demonstrate our commitment to your eye health, we are pleased to cover the cost of both prescription lenses and frames with every comprehensive eye exam.Valid at Cambridge Clinic Only, Conditions apply*.

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Whether it's Lasik, Cataracts, Comprehensive Eye Care, or looking for the perfect personalized look, with G&G Eye Doctors experience exceptional care and unparalleled results.

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Welcome to G&G Eye Doctors, Optometry & Optical –

A new generation of optometrists dedicated to preserving your most precious sense: sight. We are a full scope family owned Optometric Clinic committed to prioritizing your overall eye health, focusing on early detection and prevention of life-altering eye diseases.

Our expert doctors continue to work with top ophthalmologists, witnessing firsthand the devastating effects of diseases that could have been prevented with early diagnosis. Every day, we see the profound impact that proactive eye care can have on lives, transforming potential loss into the gift of continued vision.

Our journey has molded us to encourage eye health awareness and the importance of choosing the right doctor. Time after time our doctors have caught preventable eye diseases missed by other doctors focused on providing you eye glasses prescriptions only.

At G&G Eye Doctors, Optometry & Optical, our vision is crystal clear: we put your eye health first. Our approach combines advanced medical expertise with compassionate care, ensuring that your vision remains as sharp and vibrant as the life you lead.

Join us on our mission to protect and preserve your sight. Because at G&G, we believe that a clearer, healthier vision today can change your life tomorrow.

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More than just an eye exam: Personalized Professional eye care, built on trust.

Did you know? Our eyes are an extension of our brain & nervous system? At G&G Eye Doctors,we understand your eyes are the windows to your world. Our eye doctors are here to help you see everything in stunning clarity. Our vision-forward approach goes beyond prescriptions, offering comprehensive eye health evaluations and advanced technology to map your individual vision roadmap. Let our expert optometrists guide you towards optimal eye health and lifelong visual clarity, invest in your future. Schedule your consultation today!


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Healthy eyes for happy families in Brampton & cambridge . We specialize in comprehensive eye care for all ages, from playful toddlers to wise grandparents. Enjoy personalized attention from our friendly optometrists and discover eye-opening solutions for your entire family. Schedule your eye exam and see the world clearly, together!

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Experience the future of eye care today in Brampton & Cambridge! Our optometrists utilize the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment, constantly expanding to offer the latest advancements. This commitment to innovation helps detect preventable problems early, before vision loss can ever threaten your world. Embrace the future of eye care: Trust us and our cutting-edge eye care to safeguard your vision for years to come.

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Experienced eyes, exceptional care. Our highly skilled eye doctors, backed by years of expertise and experience, deliver personalized solutions for every patient. Trust your vision to the best, schedule your appointment today In Brampton or cambridge !

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At G&G Eye Doctors, we understand that healthy vision is key to living a fulfilling life. That's why our Optometrists go beyond providing basic eye exams –

Our Optometrists prioritize understanding your unique needs and goals, empowering you with knowledge and personalized care. Explore the world of services we offer and how our doctors use state-of-the-art technology to safeguard your precious sight: Click here to learn about our Optometric Services

Specializing in Advanced Ocular Disease Treatment & Management

At G&G Eye Doctors, we prioritize your ocular health. Comprehensive eye exams can uncover underlying health issues, including but not limited to stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, some cancers, brain injuries, and neurological conditions. Our experienced optometrists have successfully diagnosed and managed various conditions which have led to life altering medical diagnoses. Schedule an appointment with our doctors for a thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan.

Learn More About Common Ocular Diseases managed and treated by our doctors below:

Eye Care that meets all your needs and more:

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery 101:
Understanding Your Options

Is blurry vision and faded colors affecting your daily life? Cataracts could be the culprit. Studies show working together with your eye doctor to understand cataract surgery can lead to a more positive experience.

Myopia Control

Myopia Control:
Slowing Prescription increase in childern

Concerned about your child's nearsightedness (myopia)? G&G Eye Doctors offers Myopia control treatment to slow down and in some cases, stop the progression of nearsightedness, protect your child's vision.


Ditch the Specs:
Let our Doctors Guide you to a Glasses-Free Life with Laser Eye Surgery

See clearly and ditch your glasses for good. Our Doctors co-manage directly with the top surgeons in canada. At G&G you can be ensured your surgery will be taken at its highest regard so you can get the 20/20 vision you always wanted without glasses. Learn about LASIK, SMILE, PRK & ICL surgery and achieve freedom from eyewear.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes? We Have Answers: Effective Treatments for Lasting Comfort

Dry eyes causing discomfort? G&G Eye Doctors, serving Brampton, Cambridge, and surrounding areas, can help. Our experienced eye doctors offer effective dry eye treatments for lasting relief.

Meet Our Eye Doctors

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Dr. Imreet Toor OD, BSc.

  • Practicing Member of the College of Optometrists of Ontario
  • Member: Ontario Association of Optometrists, Canadian Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry, Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometry Honor Society

  • Dr. Toor is a well respected, hard working and dedicated doctor of optometry who specializes in primary eye care with an emphasis on ocular disease treatment/management. With years of experience and training under her belt, Dr. Toor has now branched into other subspecialties of optometry in order to best serve the community of cambridge .
Read more about Dr. Toor Click here to understand the role of an Optometrist
eye doctor cambridge

Optometrist cambridge

Dr. Pupinder Ghatorae OD, HBSc.

  • Practicing Member of the College of Optometrists of Ontario
  • Member: Ontario Association of Optometrists, Canadian Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry.

  • Dr. Pupinder Ghatorae, a passionate optometrist at G&G Eye Doctors, believes your vision journey starts with clear vision. Witnessing the transformative power of vision firsthand in Brampton, Ontario, Dr. Ghatorae was inspired to pursue optometry after his honors at McMaster University. Now, he brings his expertise and dedication to G&G Eye Doctors, serving cambridge and surrounding areas.

    For Dr. Ghatorae, the focus is simple: empowering you to see your best and experience the world in all its richness. Whether you require routine checkups, advanced care for complex conditions, or a friendly chat about eye health, Dr. Ghatorae is here to guide you.
Read more about Dr. Ghatorae Click here to understand the role of an Optometrist

We recognize vision is a necessity for healthy living. For this, our Brampton & Cambridge Optical offers a
Wide Range of Styles, Designer Brands, and Latest Fashion Trend options that suit every budget

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We work directly with these insurance companies to make your experience seamless.

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For a full list of accepted insurance plans, please visit our insurance information page by clicking here.
Wondering if your eye exam is covered by OHIP? Call us directly to speak with our staff or visit our most Frequently Asked Page for more information page..

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"Best Eye Exam Near Me!", "Best Eye and Care Place to Visit!", "Best Eye Dr Near Me!"

Our Optometrists strive to exceed your expectations by providing the highest quality eye care, utilizing the latest advancements in technology while fostering a trusting relationship with you.

Best Eye Doctor Love Rai

"Dr Toor is the best eye dr near me. I was diagnosed by cataracts and was able to be get my surgery within a week. Dr Toor also explained the different options I have with cataract surgery which no one else explained in the past. My vision is 20/20 without glasses now. I can't be any happier. I will definetly be returning and recommending. Thank you!"

- Mar 15, 2024    Google Review

Preet Jandu

"Best eye and care place to visit for your eye check up. Doctor is very detailed regarding eye health or any other queries. Her assistant and receptionist both are very helpful and kind."

- Mar 12, 2024    Google Review

eye doctor near me Jatminder (Jat)

"Exceptional customer service and very knowledgeable staff. They took the time to explain my eye problem and the different options to perfectly fit my vision needs. They answered all of my questions in enough detail to satisfy my curiosity and in layman's terms so I understand everything. The equipment they use is modern and I know I am in safe hands. Best eye exam near me!"

- Feb 12, 2024    Google Review

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Our Eye Care Clinics are now serving the communities of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hespeler, Conestoga, Brampton & Mississauga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you feel healthy and your vision seems fine, regular eye exams are still important for maintaining good eye health. Here's why:

Early Detection: Many eye diseases, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, can develop without any noticeable symptoms in the early stages. A comprehensive eye exam can detect these conditions early on, when treatment is most effective.

Overall Health: Your eyes can also provide clues about your overall health. Eye exams can sometimes detect signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

Baseline Evaluation: Having a baseline eye exam establishes a record of your healthy vision. This allows your doctor to compare future exams and identify any changes that might occur over time.

Schedule an Eye Exam today and ensure healthy and clear vision for your future!

The recommended frequency for eye exams depends on your age and risk factors for eye disease. Here's a general guide:

First Eye Exam: No Age Restriction. A child can have an eye exam at any age after birth. Ideally, a child's should have thier first eye exam before 6 months of age.
Second Exam: Childern can have exams yearly to ensure optimal ocular health. At minimum it is recommended between the ages of 2 and 5.
Annual Exams: After that, children should have an eye exam every year.

Ages 19-39: Every 2 years (if healthy and no vision problems)
Ages 40-64: Every 1-2 years
Ages 65 and older: Annually

Note: The above is only a recomendation only, more frequent checkups may be needed and is best determined by your eye care professional.

Choosing the right eye doctor matters. Here's a breakdown to help you understand:

Optometrist: Optometrists are primary eye care providers. They perform routine eye exams, prescribe corrective lenses (glasses and contacts), diagnose and treat eye conditions, and manage certain eye diseases. Think of an Optometrist as your "family doctor but for the eyes".

Ophthalmologist: Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialize in eye care and have extensive training and qualifications to perform surgeries.

Similar to how your family doctor might refer you to a cardiologist for specialized care after a routine checkup, your optometrist can refer you to an ophthalmologist for advanced eye conditions or surgery as well.

Schedule your eye exam today at G&G Eye Doctors. "Discover a whole new level of eye care."

In the case of an eye emergency, seeking professional medical attention as soon as possible is crucial. Here's what you can do:

See your eye doctor immediately. They are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye emergencies.

G&G Eye Doctors understands emergencies happen and thats why we accept walk-in appointments to minimize wait times.

Optometrists can treat most emergencies directly. This includes removing foreign objects, addressing ocular hypertension, uveitis, and many more conditions.

Even if specialist care is needed, seeing an eye doctor first is beneficial. Emergency rooms can have long wait times, which can be detrimental for some eye conditions.

G&G Eye Doctors has a vast network with ophthalmologists across the GTA. This allows them to streamline emergency cases and get you the necessary surgical intervention quickly, if and when needed.

When it comes to eye emergencies, prompt action is essential. While the information above highlights the services offered by G&G Eye Doctors, the most important takeaway is to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. The above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. If you cannot reach your eye doctor, seek care at your nearest hospital immediately.

Eye exams use a standardized eye test chart filled with letters and/or symbols that decrease in size the further down the chart you go. This is typically called the Snellen Chart, and helps measure your visual acuity, which is how clear and sharp your vision is at a specific distance.

20/20 vision is considered the standard for normal visual acuity. This means that at a distance of 20 feet, you can see the same level of detail that a person with normal (healthy) vision can also see from 20 feet away.

20/40 vision indicates that your vision is weaker than 20/20. In this case, what a person with the normal (healthy) eyes can see at 40 feet away, you require it to be closer to you at 20ft to see it.

A higher second number in the fraction (ex. 20/40) indicates slightly weaker eyesight.

OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers eye exams for certain groups of people. Here's a breakdown:

Children (19 years old and younger): OHIP fully covers one comprehensive eye exam per year with an optometrist.

Seniors (65 years old and older): OHIP covers one major eye exam every 18 months, along with potentially two additional follow-up appointments for specific eye conditions.

Adults (20-64 years old): Routine eye exams are not covered by OHIP for this age group. However, if you have a specific eye condition requiring regular monitoring, OHIP may cover an annual exam and up to two related follow-up appointments.

We recommend calling us and our staff can verify for:
Brampton: (905) 497-1511
Cambridge: (519) 622-1115

More Questions About Your Up-coming Appointment Including OHIP Eye Exam Coverage & More?

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