Contact Lenses

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Enhance your vision, enhance your life with a Professional Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are medical devices that aid in vision correction. Many times our patients come in with poorly fitting contact lenses they have been unknowingly wearing for years. Incorrectly fit contacts can cause a variety of problems including poor vision, ocular discomfort, inability to wear contacts for extended periods of time, and infections leading to significant visual impairment.

Why Choose G&G for Contact Lens Fitting?

  • Correcting the Common: Many patients experience discomfort and/or poor vision due to improperly fit lenses. Our thorough assessment and fitting techniques reveal discrepancies and provide the perfect solution/fit.
  • Precise Measurements, Perfect Fit: Unlike glasses, contact lenses sit directly on your cornea, requiring meticulous measurements and expert knowledge for optimal comfort and clear vision. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve an unparalleled fit.
  • Hope Where Others Didn't: Often, patients who have had unpleasant experiences or have been told by other healthcare providers they are not suitable for contact lenses, have had amazing success with contacts fit by our doctors at G&G Eye Doctors.

More Than Just a Prescription:

A contact lens fitting examination at G&G is more than just getting a number. We perform a comprehensive assessment, including:

  • Detailed medical history review
  • Digital slit lamp imaging/evaluation
  • Personalized fitting with advanced lens options
  • Corneal topography analysis if required

If you are interested in a contact lens fitting, please let our team know ahead of your appointment.

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